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Wed, 06 Apr 2005

Autechre, Untilted

LP, (CD or Double vinyl), Warp
Out 18 April '05

Oops, it seems like we weren't the only ones to call this
"Untitled" instead of "Untilted". 

Intelligent listenable electronica is not all that easy to find.
Like much else in this world, every jewel has to be sorted from
a landscape of pale imitations, banal non-statements, and self-
important twaddle of interest only to the maker. In the last case,
of course, we are too stupid and culturally-conditioned to see
the great art that has been unfolded before us.

And some of those might have a point. Never mind, after you're dead
mate ... after you're dead.

So what is it that makes "good"? Aha! People keep trying to sneak
up and define absolute good don't they? Annoying, isn't it? Never
mind. Here are some ideas anyway. First is that if the thing is 
presented to a mass audience, it should contain some possible points 
of connection. These might include recognisable tonal values and
rythms. They might include dynamic change so that we don't go to
sleep. The changes might be recognisably related so we're not
constantly saying "WTF?". In electronica the timbres might be the
kind that have us wondering a little what they are or how they
tweaked a sound we know, and the timbres must suit the story.

Yeah, yeah, the Autechre stuff is good stuff.

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