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Mon, 04 Jul 2005

Cadillac, Magnetic City

LP, Kong Tiki (Pop Fiction UK) out 1 August 05

Big thick fuzzy guitars, wailing vocals, stomping drums: the world is still safe for this stuff thank goodness although I'm surprised there hasn't been an EU directive against it. Just say Non to loss of culture and civilization and say Oui to a furtherance of commonality and peace within the framework of Vive la Differance.

Mais non, mes amis, this is not a French band at all. They are from Norway and give us twelve tracks that vary between full-on post punk rock lo-fi metal to sparse Doors-like almost-ballads. The album was recorded in Conneticut, USA and I'm not sure what that has added to their sound. They are certainly well known in Norway where they've been in the top ten and won some awards.

Support a Minor label today! Oh yes, and there are some free downloads at the band's website. (thunderfinger)

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