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Sat, 01 Oct 2005

Fire Engines

Fire Engines, Teenage Premonition
LP, Domino

Sorta fast, sorta guitars, sorta live, sorta lifting a finger to over-produced nonsence, sorta indy and sorta proud of it.

I really like bands with a lot of attitude and the willingness to just get up and do it -- to yell and scream and be on the edge of disaster and not care. The point of it is encapsulated ... oh wait, I was going to say something about producers hanging loose but all of a sudden we have a lot of fairly genuine sounding clapping on a track so at least some of these tracks really do appear to be live. And that's a good thing. Too frequently this sort of band is given to a producer who then attempts to make them commercial and loses every single decent thing the band stood for in the first place. (thunderfinger)

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