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Mon, 30 May 2005

DJ corner June

Two DJ's this month ... Tom Baker and Natalie C

Tom Baker ...

New House mix for download:

1. Demarkus Lewis - Lime St - cdr
2. Demarkus Lewis - Reflexations - cdr
3. Joey Youngman - Troubled Child - Jamayka
4. Natural Rhythm - Vibes Alive (Re Rubba the Dubba mix) - Tango
5. JV & Granite - Hallucinate (Granite Mix) - cdr
6. Lo/Rez - Stickwich - Flat and Round
7. Tom Baker and Lawrence Mohammed - La Diablada (Soulsmith Rmx) - Wrong
8. Lavish Habbits - Clap Yo Feetz - Select
9. Harrold Heath - Long Relationships (Asad Rizvi Remix) - Urban Torque
10. Lawnchair Generals - You Got To - Aroma
11. Mario Fabriani - Release - Nightshift
12. Demarkus Lewis - Rollerboy - cdr
13. Market House vs Natural Rhythm - Treat you Sweet (Thomas White
Remix) - Detour
14. The Littlemen - Stoned (Inland Knights mix) - Mobile Trax
15. Bazar - Hard To Find - Basic
16. Bran Van 3000 ft Curtis Mayfeild - Astounded (Fred's Flute Dub) - Bombay

Record reviews.

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Trentemoller  Polar Shift
Artist: Trentemoller
Title: Polar Shift
Label: Poker Flat
Cat no: PFR56
Andres Trentemoller from Copenhagen signs up to Berlin's illustrious
Poker Flat to deliver 2 spatial, yet sharp, minimal techno workouts.
"Polar Shift" is a vast sounding, hypnotic soundscape, picked up by
large, reversed claps and complex synth ideas. Unexpected edits and
off key sounds inject a slashing funk, as the track rises into peak
time action and back down to bare bones minimalism again. "Chameleon"
starts off with little more then a low, reverbed bass kick and tripped
out effects before a swinging hi hat comes in, feeling very
reminiscent of some of Richie Hawtin's mid nineties minimal stuff.
More complex and unexpected edits make this extremely interesting to
simply listen to, as well as appealing to the more advanced dance
floors.  Clever stuff. 4/5

Will Saul  Mbira
Artist: Will Saul
Title: Mbira
Label: Simple
Cat no: Simple0513
Words like "classic" and "timeless" are often over used by journalists
and commentators but it's hard not to think of these terms when
listening to "Mbira". Deeply contemplative, this is as perfect for
sunsets at Caf Del Mar as it is for end of night, grimy, warehouse
moments.  Understated drums, relaxed percussion and heart-warming
strings are immaculately arranged. Australia's "Infusion" stands
forward to offer a contrasting remix. Big-room in feel, the remix
contains rubber-band acid, lively drums and distorted guitars. 5/5

Infinity Plus One  The Edge of Dread
Artist: Infinity Plus One
Title: The Edge of Dread
Label: Drenched
Cat no: Drenched017
It seems to have been a while since we've heard from Drenched
recordings so its good to see them back, sticking to what they do
best. Releasing quality, underground tech house. "The edge of dread"
is a complex, twitchy, synth led affair, where multi-layered vocals
compliment the urgent, overlapping synths. "Do you read me" retains
the feel of urgency and funk, but is deeper and more spacious. It pops
and fizzies along very nicely but is probably more suited to a chill
out room or lounge than the dance floor. 4/5

Mastik Soul  What time is it (remixes)
Artist: Mastik Soul
Title: What time is it (remixes)
Label: Yoda
Cat no: Yoda001
Household recording's new offshoot label kicks of proceedings with an
all-star line up offering 3 additional mixes to Mastik Soul's "What
time is it". The original, as you might expect is a solid,
chest-compressing, tribal work out. Label boss A.D.D. and Shubert's
"Booty mix" is a finger snapping, traditional example of the "tech
house" sound, with its back-and-forth drums and warm bass line.
Gideon's Dredtek remix oozes warmth and funk from every pore, with
exciting percussion and bass line-stabs, whilst finally "Tyler's
tribal bounty" mix is for those later, druggier moments. A great start
for this new label. 4/5

The Littlemen  My Game
Artist: The Littlemen
Title: My Game
Label: Drop Music
Cat no: Drom041
There's no stopping the Drop Music collective currently with The
Inland Knights currently having two double albums out and an
ever-flowing stream of music from their label. The quality is high,
the music accessible and The Littlemen's releases are no different.
"My game" is a seriously funky, uplifting slice of crossover house,
where whispery vocals and looped pads compliment the loud, snappy
drums. "Decked out" is a disco-tinged chugger, with looped vocals,
horns and swinging beats. Pick of the bunch for me though is "High in
da club" which sees The Littlemen experiment with tough, driving,
underground house and pulling it off wonderfully! 4/5

Funk Harmony Park  My Truth
Artist: Funk Harmony Park
Title: My Truth
Label: Fade
Cat no: FD045-1
Funk Harmony Path are a well established collective of musicians and
DJ's in their native country, Iceland, and they've hired support from
Paranoid Jack and Marky Star for their debut UK release. "My truth is
a low slung, grinding, acid house story. Haunting vocals and
melancholy keys give the emotion whilst tight drums and a funk laden
acid line maintain the drive. Paranoid Jack's offering is a big room,
more accessible version of events, Marky Stars' is the pick for me
though. Effortlessly simply and effective, the emotions lie in the
bass line and the funk's directed into the drums. 3/5

Timeless Banditz/Matt J  Disco Train
Artist: Timeless Banditz/Matt J
Title: Disco Train
Label: Lost my dog
Cat no: LMD003
Deborah Jarvis and Christina Wigmoe aka Timeless Banditz combine
forces with Matt J to present this 4 tracker of finger snappin' house
grooves. "Disco Train (Matt J rework)" has cascading drums, warm
synths and jacking bass line. "Head First" is techier in feel, with
bleeping effects and soft vocal stabs. Matt J's "Sonic Signal" has a
big room, tribal feel whilst maintaining a house ethos, with whirring
effects and complex sample ideas. Finally "Ol' Dub" jacks it up, with
squirting sythns and old school bass line. 3/5

Ty Tek  Filthy, naughty, little beats
Artist: Ty Tek
Title: Filthy, naughty, little beats
Label: Phrunky
Cat no: Phrunk008
Ty Tek returns with another sonically charged weapon of mass
destruction, and calls on Nathan Coles and Audio Jerk for remix duty.
"Filthy naughty, little beats" utilises thunderous bass, dark effects
and sinister vocals that go straight to the jugular. The beats are
definitely dirty and the effect should be emphasised by hearing this
in a large club with only a small, dim, red light bulb at one end of
the room for light. Audio Jerk's mix is even heavier, with an
intoxicating array of effects and pads. Nathan Coles's mix injects a
lighter feel and a dash of fun, playing about with the vocals and bass
line and funking up the drums. 4/5

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Natalie C

Tech-house reviews for May 2005

Metta & Mr Blurry
The Little Robot EP
Flip-Flop (FLIP-FLOP 005)

OK so it's been out for a couple of months but I'm a DJ who's guilty of being
scatty enough to let this gem tune slip behind too many other records in my
collection.  The A side is a sharp layout of bouncy jacking tech grooves and an
accordingly wobbly b-line. On the flip Nasty injects some wobbly jelly into his
remix giving even the most metallic of robots something squishy to aspire to. 
Lastly the 'Beat Tricks for Beatrix mix' takes our aluminium acquaintance back 
to where he, she or it feels most comfortable; liquid crystal bliss along with
all other computerised beings.  4/5

You Don't Win Friends with Salad
Flat and Round (FAR11)

Proving that salad is not the basis of friendship, Willis and Hodge aka
Lo/Rez bung their sandwich onto a stick in a 'suck it and see' fashion.
'Stickwich' is the first result with retro clap-licked synths and a lovely,
sequence. 'LS11' strips things back to the bone through the use of a drowsy
melody line and loitering drums. In a nostalgic fashion 'Modena' trips gently
back to circa 1990 with an uncomplicated but sophisticated organ hook. Finally
'Slimline' is of a similar nature with its deep and sultry groove.  3/5

Rhodes to Nowhere/Wino Man
Conceive (CONCEIVE006)

Gideon Jackson's label hits release number six and there's no denying that it's
a fine delivery of head's down music. In 'Rhodes to Nowhere' Dexter serves us
up with some no-nonsense, quick paced tech grooves.  Aimed directly at the
dancefloor it would sit nicely in an Eddie Richards set. Shaking claps and hats
go hand in hand with a phat bass line giving the tune an inescapable groove.
'Wino Man' is a lurid and just as irresistible conception as the A side. Both
tracks are suitably loopy with an addictive flow that only the challenged
groover could recoil.  4/5

Edan Everywhere & Carlo Del
I So Well
Listen To Reason  (LTR 006)

Listen To Reason, also reaching release number six, proves it is a label of
varying thought as opposed to one particular sound. Chris Udoh's 'Tigerhook
Corp' take on 'I Duddits' is truly a peak timer. Percussive action and
floor-shaking rhythms together with a constant variant of arrangement means it
never stops to dance on the spot. Over to side B for the intricately formed
original which comes with a warning not to 'sleep in the bassbin'. The reason
for this becomes apparent when after the drop the unsuspecting drowser is
bombarded with a tribal bassline that chants a mantra to take you prisoner and
burn you at the stake should you be found slumbering again!  4/5

Alex Smoke
Brian's Lung
Soma (SOMA170)

Sometimes it seems that electronic house music moves faster than the punters
can keep pace. Alex Smoke's is leading the race with his nose up at the front
on par with the other micro-techno producers. The 'Inflated mix' of 'Brian's
Lung' is a disjointed creation that sprints all the way to the finish line
throwing in some rather elaborate noise manipulation along the way. 'Don't See
the Point' is taken by Henrik Schwarz and turned into a slow-tempo house song.
Overall a twelve for those who like music that thinks outside the box. 

Eddie Richards & Terry Francis, Brett Johnson, Mastik Soul
Call / I Ate Cat food / Trailer
Household Recordings (HR010)

Four artists and three very contrasting tunes. Eddie and Terry get their heads
together in creating the hastily paced 'Call'. It's full of funk guitar riffs
that are light and fluffy like a whipped cream cake. Added to this are some
sweet vocals laid over the top like sugar icing. The theme is underpinned by
driving percussion making it tech-house with a dash of sugary soul. As if
warning you off eating cat food, Brett Johnson's rather spasmodic piece digests
badly with an unusual set of audio over his trademark beats. Completing the EP
on side B 4 Kenzo head honcho, Mastik Soul offers an expertly laid out
dancefloor track. Full of nodding beats and compelling sounds this is the
winner of the bunch.  3/5

Stop 11
The Eleven EP
Stompa Phunk

Four of Brighton's Stompa Phunk crew members team up for this EP making it
their eleventh release. First on the list is David Parr with his sluggish yet
alluring 'Release Yourself'. Tula's 'I Jus' is next which boasts a smart and
funky bassline. It rolls fluently alongside some irresistible hip-wiggling
grooves and for me this track shines above the rest. Also make sure you check
Sege Santiago's 'Take the Journey' with it's atypical combination of elements
and Ben Burns' melancholic journey in his atmospheric 'Blue Boat'. Does
Brighton rock? This EP proves to us that it does. 3/5
Promos: Open House, PO Box 50028, London, SE6 2WW, England

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