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Mon, 30 May 2005

Dr. Who: Volume 1 and 2

2 CD's, Mute

Go completely nuts on Dr. Who! These two CD's (and I'm not sure whether they'll be sold individually) deal with themes, sound washes and effects from the famous BBC sci-fi program. The first CD brings sounds from 1963-69 and the second from 1970-80 and the most well known Dr -- Tom Baker. The sounds and music were created by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, which from the cover notes, sounds as if it's been yet another casualty of the out-sourcing calamity that has claimed more than a few scalps in internationally respected segments of the BBC. I suppose the people who arrange that sort of thing will finally be happy when the BBC is about the same as Sky or something similar. Relax boys, you're almost there. Anyway, this is actually good fun to listen to and it's vaguely possible that someone who isn't a Dr. Who geek won't have to leave the room while it's on. (thunderfinger)

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