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Tue, 01 Mar 2005

Emetrex, Wish Me Dead

LP, Seriously Groovy

I love indy labels. Here beats the true heart of music as opposed
to marketing -- usually quirky but with feet kept somewhat on the
ground by the urgent need to actually pay for the release and
get to do more.

Emetrex hail from Rhode Island and while on this LP are a duo, we
understand that they frequently are a trio. The two on this LP are
Rick Lescault and Dave Mcglyn. It was produced by Dave Auchenbach.
And! Somewhere around here is an interview with Rick Lescault.

What we have here is good ole riff-laden guitar goodness mixed with
modern sensibilities as far as phrasing and dynamics are concerned, and
with a swirl of psychedelia as well. 

There's guitar-heroe flailing and sparse, wandering chords. 
There are riffs that could have graced Exile on Main Street. There 
are ballads that turn weird. There's stoner stuff blowing by in
the wind. And it's honest.

Loved it.

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