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Mon, 02 Oct 2006

Fall Pop, dance etc

Carl Cox has a two disc set out on Resist called Global. 27 tracks of techno dance with tasteful textures and rounded synth sounds. There are some nice changes as well. This guy does know what he's doing with this stuff.

Laurent Garnier also has a two disc collection out. It is called Retrospective and is out on F COM. It sums up some twelve years of effort which has seen him involved in all sorts of varied projects including film work. I 'd say a bit more about that if the National Film Theatre staff in London hadn't been so completely hopeless. Anyway, this set is a nice wander through some varied moods, from full-on dance to nicely-textured atmospherics.

X-Press 2 have a single called Kill 100 that has nice synth washes and understated vocals along with the sort of bottom end that causes dancing. This comes with a pure electronica remix from Carl Craig. Not bad.

Ministry of Sound have a two CD collection out, with disc 1 called The Club and disc, The Villa. The former has the likes of Kid Creme ft Bashiyra, Sunkids, Whirlpool, Nelly Furtado, and King Unique. The Villa has DJ Gregory, Gabbi Newman, DJ Fudge, Aakabu and others. The first is electro club food and the second has a dash more funk but isn't particulary a chill CD. The whole collection is called Sessions.

James Yorkston is a singer/songwriter out on Domino. It is a nice sort of thing for sitting in a coffee bar or for moments of thoughtful introspection. Chilled? yes. What's it called? Oh yes, the album is called The Year of the Leopard, and the single is Steady as She Goes.

In that sort of line is also Seth Lakeman with a single called The White Hare. It is out on Relentless and is a nice tune.

Also from Domino is Stephen Malkmus, the ex-Pavement man. The issue is a 4 tracker called Kindling for the Master. It is nicely crafted multi-influence stuff with a retro electro touch.

Junior Boys are a duo (were three) from Canada. They are described by their label as pioneers of New MOR which might not please them greatly. There's House in here and also echoes of the likes of Depeche Mode with nice synth lines and slightly plaintive lyrics. It is all very well put together.

Protokoll are a guitar-based pop band from Illicit. Pretty alright they are too, with some good songs but gosh this is a hard area of the market to be in. There are so many good bands but not many with anything very original to say and so you end up with a sort of time machine rock where people cluster in genres. That's fine, just not all that interesting for those outside the genre fence.

New York's My Robot Friend has a 12" or download from defDrive with, amongst other things, a pretty cool cover of Joy Division's Isolation. Of course, no one can do that like the late Ian Curtis so don't even think about comparing them directly, but the mood of this cover is nicely done. the general flavour is pure electro. Inspirations have been the like of Devo and Kraftwerk.

Domino actually have a swag of stuff coming out in Sept and Oct. Archie Bronson is on the list with Cherry Lips which is guitar-backed and definately has something a little extra to it. Riffs, for one thing.

And then there's Psapp, Clinic, and Four Tet, all of whom will be known to seekers after leftfield sorts of things. Psapp's Hi is a bouncy little track with a sort of warped Gamelan backing. I'll have Bacardi with that thanks. And with the flip side, Apple Black, as well. Four Tet has a CD of remixes of everyone from Radiohead to Beth Orton with Aphex Twin in between. Lots of moody drums and percussion here. Clinic have a single called Harvest along with tracks called You Can't Hurt You Anymore and Lee Shan. They darkly rocketh out. (thunderfinger)

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