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Thu, 01 Dec 2005

Goldfrapp, Number 1, Beautiful

Goldfrapp, 2 Track single - 'Number 1' with B-Side 'Beautiful'
CD, Mute Records

Goldfrapp are the fantastic English duo who have taken electronic music mixed with voice to the highest levels of classic pop/alternative music to date. Their previous albums; Felt Mountain and Black Cherry, were both nominated for two of the most prestigious awards - Mercury, and Brit respectively.

This latest single, Number 1, blends perfectly that age-old sound of the electronic synthesiser, beautifully voiced by the gorgeous Alison Goldfrapp. When I heard this music a few old names came to mind; Chemical Brothers, and Madonna. A strange combination I know, but I think you will know what I'm getting at.

The second item on this single is the B-side 'Beautiful'. Rachael Stevens comes to mind with this one. That tension in the voice creating that unmistakable seductive, chocolaty sound of hot, steamy...indeed! On one level I prefer the feel of this track to the previous. The beat is stronger, and it really leads you to her as she pulling you in on an invisible string. I did once hear someone say that B-sides are the best - well I won't go that far just yet.

Number 1 is definitely a feel-good song over seductive so has the advantage as an 'any moment song'. It will keep you up if you are, and pick you up if you're down.

(E Walton)

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