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Sat, 01 Oct 2005

Hed Kandi 50th

various, Hed Kandi 50
3 CD's, Hed Kandi

This is Hed Kandi's 50th release and totals some 47 tracks (well, I was curious) arranged into Disco, Twisted Disco, and "Back to Love". It's kind of interesting that as dance clubland gets increasingly smaller, Hed Kandi continues to thrive. Staying home and playing CD's certainly avoids overpriced clubs anyway.

Also, the sorts of tracks on these CD's are representative of a sort of classic, even retro, clubland which insulates them from the happenings of right now and here this week, gone next week trends. Admittedly this whole scene is less dynamic than it once was but still, there are foundations. (Dr Boots)

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