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Fri, 28 Jan 2005


various, Winter Chill
2 CD's, Hedkandi

On the cover is a Jorgi Labada (spell?) like female
character standing in a stylised snowy forest with a
fur cap on, a micro-skirt, and a fur-lined top open
at the front to reveal her ... well, anyway, she would
definitely be chilled even if boy drawings wandering
in this forest might actually get heated up.

There are 32 tracks here from the likes of Eventide,
Claude Bareau, Sia, Goldfrapp, Sugababes, Katie Melua,
Husky Rescue, Natalie Imbruglia, and many more. The
mood is, yes, chilled ... and smooth. 

It's the sort of thing to put on in the evening and drift
off into reveries to while occasionally being focussed
by remembering a particular song and maybe the forest
that surrounded it. 

It's a nicely put together compilation and you could
probably even play it in summer.

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