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Mon, 01 May 2006

Ian Gillan

Ian Gillan, Gillan's Inn
LP and DVD, Immergent

So why should we pay attention to the guy who wrote Smoke on the Water and sang with Black Sabbath and Deep Purple? If you don't like guitar or metalish things then there's no reason why you should. If you do, even just a little bit, this double-sided disc (CD and DVD) is a lot of fun. We have Satriani, Michael Lee Jackson, Uli Jon Roth, Steve Morse, Jeff Healey, Dean Howard, Tony Iommi and Redd Volkaert amongst others, playing tight heavy stuff with some lightning breaks thrown in.

The really nice thing about the whole thing is its honesty -- no efforts to be trendy, no faux electronica, no PC themes (fuck off weenies), no short hair! It's a rollicking celebration of big guitar, big steps, and big hair days, as well as being a blues tribute in a kind of a way. And boy is it tight! There's also a cast-of-thousands remake of Smoke on the Water. (thunderfinger)

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