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Fri, 30 Jun 2006

July 06 Pop World

We recently got a CD in from Sydney, Australia-based Deprogram which consists of ex-Triffid Nick Mainsbridge, and Mary Budimir. We heard the new single plus two other new tracks. A new album is "still a little way off". The new single, What's the Story, has some great electronic sounds, a little funk, and a nice edgy feel to it. I'm looking forward to the album. You can get the single from their website or from / You might also catch it on Sydney's Fbi radio at 94.5FM and here at Mstation you can catch an interview from a year or so back.

Poni Hoax out on Tiger Sushi are new to me and I don't know much about them. Their first album is a nice piece of work with some quirky guitar plus electro and some really nice production work. It's quirky, interesting, sometimes stirring and doesn't have its head up its bum. Yes, I liked it a lot.

The Rifles have a single out and their first LP will be out soon. This is tight guitar-based rock/pop with a nice bit of life to it. Parts of the sound relate back to such as The Clash rather than that thin sort of pub sound that Brits like but no-one else does much.

Bob Sinclair feat. Steve Edwards "World, Hold On" ( / is from the opposite end of the block -- disco-funk. It's fun and cheery and should be washed down with multi-coloured cocktails.

Gnarls Barkley has got a lot of attention recently with his accessible r n b and this new(ish) single Smiley Faces won't change any of that.

Roebeck recently brought out their debut 7" single featuring three of their most soothing electro-acoustic tracks. Here's a little about them ...

"Luke C. and Brett Booth have worked together for almost 5 years now, penning and producing a generous number of tracks for different labels and under different monikers. Some of these have reached Club Breakers and Pop-Commercial dance charts in the UK and have been licensed to a number of compilations. Now, after 2 years of careful sound development, they have created their most intimate yet quirky sound along with a whole album that, we believe, for its freshness and many different angles, is bound to have a strong impact.'

Domino have a re-release of Sebadoh III on 10 July. It's two CD's of alt/indy rock from ex Dinosaur Jr bassist Lou Barlow and Eric Gaffney. This stuff hasn't dated all that badly at all, partly because of its light touch and airieness and partly because there haven't been many revolutions since.

Sundealers have an album called Tears, Love, Religion - their first. They hark from Northern Germany and put out slickly produced metal-ish tracks with a lot of drive and some nice twists. (thundefinger)

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