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Thu, 01 Dec 2005

Jamie Lidell, Multiply

Jamie Lidell
CD, Warp Records

Jamie Lidell has been described as "British music's best kept secret, about to be unleashed" and is gaining a reputation as a highly creative and extrovert performer, using various styles whilst maintaining a definite 60s soul feel at the heart of it. His single "Multiply" contains four different mixes of the title song. The first is "Radio Edit", presumably for radio and is in the traditional R&B style, the second is entitled "Herbert's Hoedown Bump" with a distinctly modern adaption of the American dance with drum effects akin to those of eighties power ballads. The third ("Hot Chip's Mouth Remix") is a more obscure-sounding dance version, that wouldn't sound out of place in a nightclub. The fourth ("Gonzales - Multiply (in a minor key)") is my personal favourite, strictly "unplugged" with a wonderful blues bar piano accompaniment (although I'm still not entirely convinced that it's minor!).

Having never heard him before, I would recommend anyone to buy this or any of his other releases as he shows that he can perform in any style and as a result has something to please everyone. (M. North)

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