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Mon, 27 Feb 2006

Moby Live DVD

Moby Live, hotel tour 2005
DVD and CD, Mute

This DVD has footage from the Hotel Tour of last year. There are twenty-four tracks from the Leuven concert which includes a lot of the newer songs along with old faves such as Go. There are also a further ten bonus tracks. It's all nice footage with good sound and you get to see Moby play a lot of guitar. Sitting at a keyboard or computer has always been a bit problematical for this kind of live performance -- namely one where people expect various jumpings around.

There's also a CD of remixes with thirteen tracks which take in the likes of Lift Me Up, Raining Again, Beautiful, and Slipping Away -- there a few Slipping Aways.

It's quite a good package altogether and if you're a Moby fan, you'll probably want it. (thunderfinger)

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