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Mon, 04 Jul 2005

Mutts, Life in Dirt

The Mutts, Life in Dirt, LP, Fat Cat

Alright! Somewhere around here we have the raucous burning heart of the real rock -- fast paced guitar, snarling voices, attitude. Somehow, a group thrashing out honest songs with no samples or pseudo-soundscapes to be seen anywhere, seems like a nice breath of fresh air. Kids can be kids, even if they might have some dark thoughts while growing up.

Compared to the last album this seems a little, dare we say, smoother and there are a couple of nice, short guitar solos along the way. He's coming along. One nice thing with guitar solos is to let yer man go absolutely berserk for an extended period and then put it right down in a dense mix. Then it'll be discovered and worshipped by small bands of people who're looking for ... something.

So anyway, if you went absolutely apeshit over the new Coldplay and think that's the way things should be, you won't like this at all. Too bad. The Mutts aren't discounted in Tesco either.

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