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Fri, 07 Oct 2005

New Order DVDs

New Order, A Collection
DVD, Warners

I can't think of anything more suited for transfer to DVD than pop videos. There is a strong visual element that was planned for small screens and the sound is pretty good as well.

Here we have a large selection of tracks from New Order where some effort was made with the videos at the start so this collection on a DVD is a bit of a treat.

All in all, it's a remarkable journey -- from the shadowy, beautiful, and tragic angst of Joy Division to some of the very "up" tracks that New Order have come up with. If you're a fan you'll love it, and if you aren't, maybe you could be.

New Order, The New Order Story
DVD, Warners.

This starts off with two Joy Division songs and if you ever worshipped at that altar this DVD is worthwhile straight away. Well, a must really, even if some of the presentation is annoyingly contrived.

For those that don't know the story, Joy Division put out two albums behind front man Ian Curtis which were dark and gorgeous and Ian Curtis himself was a sort of Dylan of the dark. What he might have become we can only guess at as he committed suicide by hanging himself, and just as people were starting to rave about the band.

The remaining band members were joined by Gillian on keyboards and carried on under the name of New Order. That they were able to do this is a tribute to the friendship that bound them and that they were able to do it with wild success is a tribute to their talent. At first they issued two Ian Curtis songs and then went their own way which, lacking the lyrical brilliance of Ian Curtis, went more towards "up", dancey things and always had a keen eye for the commercial ... which sounds like a putdown. But it's not. What they have done is a seperate thing, a more pop thing, a more innocent thing, a more life-affirming thing. (thunderfinger)

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