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Fri, 29 Apr 2005

New Order, Waiting for the Sirens' Call

LP, London Records

There are bass riffs straight out of Joy Division on a couple of these tracks -- not copies but that same slightly skidding thing that underpinned the sad beauty of JD. In a way this whole thing is a visit to those days as well.... and the more you listen, the more there is.

Here we have songs rather than dance moments and quite a lot of singing. But this isn't the old days and these aren't the old songs. The mournful deepness of Ian Curtis has been replaced by a lighter voice altogether ... more up, and so is the music generally. In a way it's the voice of survival and some optimism about the future even if there are sad moments along the way.

There is some echo of electro-dance stuff here as well, as you'd expect, but the album is well-crafted pop generally and that's what it's mostly about. I'm sure that as a whole it's actually important in any way, but pop doesn't have or need to be. That said, there are a couple of nice tunes here. (thunderfinger)

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