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Thu, 30 Mar 2006


JCB Song
Extra special bonus material – The JCB Song Video Animation by Monkeehub
From Album “Half these songs are about you…”
CD, FDM Records

Nizlopi is made up of Luke Concannon (vocal/guitar) and John Parker (double bass) who apparently met on a schoolbus at the age of 13. Styles that appear in the duo’s output include Jazz, Grove, Indian Gurbe, Soule, Hip Hop and Experimental. Their single, the JCB song (with an award winning animation video) with lyrics from the point of view of a 5 year old is refreshingly innocent and cute (especially if you watch the video), and the other two songs are highly enjoyable.

What I liked most about this music was the range of styles covered, with incredible funky bass playing from John Parker and Luke Concannon’s fresh and simple vocals. I also loved the way that the traditional drumkit was replaced with a “mouth-kit” (strange percussive mouthy noises) which was much less overbearing. In short, I would recommend this to anyone who wants to listen to current musicians who actually care about what they sound like. (M.N.)

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