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Mon, 30 Oct 2006

Autumn/Fall pop etc

Well, we'll see what this column gets up to over the next few months. I'm on the road and will be picking up on things as I stumble over them. First stop is Berlin and I'm really looking forward to seeing what's on offer there. After Berlin I'll be in fairly uncharted music territory as far as a lot of people are concerned so it'll be interesting to see what's available.

This month we have Laibach's Volk from Mute which draws on a number of folk traditions to send a message of peace. Can't say better than that can we?

Domino have a Bonnie Prince Billy EP out and also two discs of Pavement as well as Clinic's Visitations. The latter is Clinic's fourth album and is, in their words, the most consistent thing they've done. Another is The Blueskins with the single from the Lynx ad. It's a little weird when what used to be regarded as selling out becomes the hype. Ah well, it's your choice whether to like it or not.

Also around is Ben Onono's Caramel from Jos. This mixes acoustic guitar, beats, and rap. Spektrum follow up their single May Day with an album of danceable club pop. Pull Tiger Tail's Animator from b-unique is a guitar pop single. And then there's My Toys Like Me with a single called Sick Couple. It combines an interesting female voice and various nice electro things happening behind. You can catch them on Myspace.

We'll see what we can find in November. (thunderfinger)

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