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Fri, 30 Jan 2009

Noise music and other stuff

Noise music? This stuff can empty a room quicker than you can say caveat emptor. One reason is that the people who do it mostly prefer to be deafeningly loud. Ambient noise music has yet to be invented. I predict a rich future for it when it is.

There is more than one strand to it of course. At the art end of the street there are many meaningless meanderings that are likely to put you to sleep if you were clever enough to bring your ear plugs with you. People go along thinking - nobody likes this stuff - it must be cool. But it isn't: mostly because it was never meant to be. It's an intensely personal thing that positively revels in its musical unfriendliness.

Another strand could just be called Assault and there's nothing much more to be said about it.

But Noise music also lives on a line extending from Hardcore and No core (and genre references do get nonsensical but they serve as some kind of guide). Yes, it's loud as hell, and it's sure not meant to be dinner music but it can have some hooks.

Recently in Berlin I saw an eight-piece (yup, 8!) with a live drummer, a live bassist, two keyboard players, two knob twiddlers, a bash anything I can find guy, and a female front person who made vocal noises and did some strange dancing. They are called The Rottt.

The combination of all the activity - something to look at - with pulses of various sorts and varying ferocity actually held the small crowd and even inspired some proto punks towards casual violence. BANG BANG ZWIZZZZZZZEEEZZZZZZ BANG ZWEEEECH BOOM.

It's music for the alienated for sure but it also has elements of primal excitement - a sort of upside down love and sandpaper sensuality. It's also an affirmation - an affirmation of the ability to freak out within certain bounds, to get beyond the cookie cutter. And there's discipline as well in that the shape of the thing is understandable. (thunderfinger)

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