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Fri, 28 Jan 2005

Rough Trade Shops Counterculture 2004

various, Rough Trade Shops best of 2004
2 CD's,

Good Ole Rough Trade Shops. They keep us informed that not
everyone playing an instrument is obsessed with charts and
celebrity. Don't confuse this with the Rough Trade label.
They also mostly plough their own furrow but are more commercial
and are weirdly reluctant to promote their own artists.

The CD we have is a sampler and includes the likes of Mara Carlyle,
Jem Finer, Cobra Killer, Whitey, and Death From Above 1979. 
The counterculture part is not necessarily singing about anti-
corporatism or GWB, but is more a statement of determinedly
non-commercial musical style. The first tracks have un-FXed
voice and simple instrumentation without any adornment at all.
Cobra Killer and Whitey move it along a bit but the pace is
generally suitable for tokers.

My favorite tracks were from Cobra Killer and Whitey just
because I think that when tracks are really pared down there
has to be some extra magic somewhere else even if it's a
virtuoso use of silence. It's all good fun though and 
encouraging all of these artists is a good thing to do.

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