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Mon, 31 Oct 2005

Royksopp, 49%

Royksopp, 49 Percent 
(from the Album 'The Understanding')
CD, Virgin

"One of the hallmarks of a great band is the consummate ease with which that group constantly strive to adapt, to evolve, to innovate; thereby ensuring that they never repeat themselves or do something tepid or commonplace"

This latest single released by Royksopp is fantastic. (You can hear a few shorts from that album on their website if you are interested in listening before you buy).

Royksopp are Torbjoern Brundtland and Svein Berge. Their Melody A.M. album is a good example of quality and success - 1,000,000 copies sold worldwide, half of them in the UK. As the quote above suggests, they are always striving to be original. This latest example - 49 percent - introduces lyrics; an unexplored avenue! The simplicity of the voice, juxtaposed with the rhythm and melody, couldn't be better. The remix examples, also on the single bring out the different textures available showing just how flexible music should be. I particularly enjoyed the M.A.N.D.Y. remix, and the West London Deep / 1% Deeper Mix.

They show yet again that it is perfectly possible to be original in everything that you do as music writers. I sense a real inventive touch to everything that they have produced both now and in the past. They are doing justice to the world of contemporary music. (E Walton)

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