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Sat, 01 Oct 2005

Rythmes Digitales

Les Rythmes Digitales, Darkdancer
2 CDs, Wall of Sound

This is good-time electro pop with a little funk and a lot of toe tapping. The main man is Jacques Lu Cont aka Stuart Price who has been Madonna's music director since 2001 and directed the Drowned World tour of 2001 and the Re-invention tour of 2004. And this album is from 1999. I'm not quite sure why it has popped up again now except that Citroen have been using one track a lot and maybe this has sparked new interest. Not that it doesn't deserve interest. It is good stuff within that area. Here are a few words from the blurb and a track listing ...

'Les Rythmes Digitales is one of the many aliases of Stuart Price,
alongside Zoot Woman, Jacques Lu Cont, Thin White Duke, and Paper Faces.
Stuart is hugely in-demand as a producer and has recently worked with
Madonna, New Order and Gwen Stefani. His remixes for the Killers,
Scissor Sisters, Starsailor and Felix Da Housecat have all been huge
things in clubland. Darkdancer is the album that started it allÉ

01 Dreamin'
02 Music Makes You Lose Control
03 Soft Machine (Featuring Thomas Ribero)
04 Hypnotise
05 (Hey You) WhatŐs That Sound?
06 Take A Little Time (Featuring Shannon)
07 From Disco To Disco
08 Brothers
09 Jacques Your Body (Make Me Sweat)
10 About Funk
11 Sometimes (Featuring Nik Kershaw)
12 Damaged People (Featuring Thomas Ribero)

01 Jacques Your Body (Make Me Sweat) (Club Mix) 
02 Music Makes You Lose Control (LRD remix) 
03 Steps Ahead 5.11 
04 Hey You Whats That Sound ? (LRD remix) 
05 Energy 
06 Sometimes (Junior Sanchez remix)   
07 Nancy Jamaica 
08 Jacques Your Body (Cassius remix edit) 
Hey You (WhatŐs That Sound)? [Video]
Sometimes [Video]

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