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Mon, 31 Oct 2005

Simon Fisher Turner

Simon Fisher Turner, Lana Lara Lata
CD + DVD, Mute

"Lana is sort of ghost music ..." is a quote from SFT and it is ghostly in a non-spooky way. Sounds and fragments come and go in a kind of ethereal way connected by artful use of timbre, level, and small thematic excercises.

This is a collaborative effort between SFT and Rainier Lericolais, and T um, an Italian electronica duo. Simon Fisher Turner is a pretty interesting guy -- ex-child actor, Jonathon King promoted pop failure, punk fan, artist in residence at the ICA, film track author, and now soundscaper.

The DVD presents visuals to go along with the music and the mood remains consistent with what goes before. There is also supposed to be a mixer toy thingy but this didn't become apparent on a Mac.

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