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Fri, 28 Jan 2005

Collabs 301

Speedy J, Chris Liebing, Collabs 301
two track single, Novamute

Break out the light-sticks! More fast-paced throbbing techno
from two people who know what's what, who's where, and what
feet like to do.

Although the formula for this sort of thing sounds simple to
the point of idiocy -- 4/4, repetition building towards a
series of climaxes etc, the subtleties of making something
that is interesting and moving are not all that easy to
acquire. Maybe the subtleties just aren't discerned by some
people, who then go on to make something that sounds like
what it is (and what a lot of pop is) ... the product of
cynical posturing.

This is the real deal.

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