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Fri, 01 Apr 2005

Stereo Sushi

various, Stereo Sushi Teriyaki
2 CD's,

One of the sometime joys of reviewing compiliations is figuring
out just what substance the record company was on when they
gathered their tracks under an idea. Stereo Sushi Teriyaki?!

It's possible the substance might have been sushi as there is 
talk of the warm feeling that sushi gives to its lovers. We'll
accept that one. But what about teriyaki? The answer is that
Stereo Sushi is a series and Teriyaki is the title of this
one in the series.

Anyway, this is two CD's worth of warm, soul-based grooves and
walkabouts featuring the likes of Jay-J, Colette, Gordon Edge,
Marillo, Leah McCrae and The Astrophunkers. 

It's good for late night dancing, sipping cocktails, or reading
urban stories.
(Dr Boots)

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