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Sat, 02 Sep 2006

Summer Pop

Usually there isn't all that much in the way of mid summer releases and this year is no exception with a few of these coming up in September. What about the top ten, you say. Ah well, I seem not to have noticed them.

Archive have been around for a little while but this album, Lights from Warners, is the first I've heard. It has rockalong grooves with nice electro and atmospheric vocals with a touch of sauce to them. It's a nice trip and undumbed-down enough to let some of the atmospheric long bits roll.

The Knife were recently in our interview section and in September they have a new single called We Share Our Mother's Health. It comes with three remixes and is their usual interestingly-crafted electro dance.

And just what ideas are conjured up by a band name like The Victorian English Gentlemens (sic) Club? Silence punctuated by soft snores? Muted piano with a trilly soprano voice? In fact they sound a bit like Siouxche (sp?) backed by the B52s. Their new album is quirky and fun. It's out on Fantastic Plastic.

Another album is from Everything on Black. It is thoughtful guitar pop/rock with some anthemic moments and a little of Bono in some of the lyric moments.

Radiohead fans will get all excited by Thom Yorke's solo album called The Eraser, and with good reason too. It's melodic electronica with wandering voice and is going to be raved about all over the place.

Spektrum have a single (7" and 12") out on Nonstop. It's an electro-dancy groove thing called May Day. From Defdrive we have a single with Berlin's Kissogram providing My Friend is a Seahorse and 33Hz from NY putting in Hot Flashes. The first is a nice hynotic piece that Hawtin fans will enjoy. The second is also minimal but has a more gurgly funk thing going.

The Boy Least Likely To has put out Hugging My Grudge. It has a 70's sort of pop feel and I think I can hear the ghost of the Wichita Lineman warbling in the background. Another vaguely retro single comes from Little Man Tate. It's called House Party at Boothy's and it's coming soon to a pub near you. There's also The Dears with Ticket To Immortality. It's guitar pop with some nice arrangement moments. And! Liam Frost and the Slowdown Family bring us The City is at a Standstill. This comes from Lavolta Records and goes in this paragraph quite well with its orchestral changes and such. Vaguely in this line is also >The Immediate with their July single Stop and Remember which is from a forthcoming (maybe out now) album called In Towers and Clouds. This area of well-crafted guitar rock/pop is very crowded at the moment. To succeed, an extra dimension is needed. Getting that dimension can be a bit of a destroyer. Newsworthy drug habits are a bad idea.

Jackson Analogue bring us Stop. This an R n B tinged belter with some nice Blues Brothers moments.

Junior Boys are a newish Domino signing and bring us In The Morning and the standard three remixes. It is voice and dancy electro and will do well in the morning and the night.

Kobai have a track called Serotonin out. It is metal lite but isn't bad at all and has a grooveful remix to go along with it.

Tom Neville's label, Love Minus Zero brings us his alter-ego Xavier Lacoeur and Gower Ramsey's Dark Disco Place and Henry Goes to the Circus.

Another from Domino (Artic Monkeys) is Bonnie Prince Billy with Cursed Sleep from Then The Letting Go. It has slow soulful voice, slow dirty guitar and is punctuated by violin. Great for late!

Man Like Me have been building a fan base around London clubs with their (they're a duo) energetic and enthusiastic stage act. The single (with four remixes) is Wine & Dine and is right in line with their usual cabaret hip-hop.

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