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Thu, 30 Mar 2006

Test Icicles

Test Icicles, ŌWhatÕs Your Damage?Õ
CD, Domino

At first glance, one can hardly avoid the pun in the name of the band Š well done lads! Their website is worth looking at and you can buy the music from it too (by download I think).

This single is from the Album For Screening Purposes Only which in all honesty, I wonÕt be rushing out to buy, or download from the website. Not to damn these kids too much, it is very well put together, some of the credit going to the mixer, producer, and engineer of course. Maybe itÕs my age showing, but I canÕt help feeling like I heard it all before. It reminds me of the game Quake II that I used to play, and music my sister listened to about 10 years ago. That being the usual American rock music, unless of course your name is Metallica, Korn, or any other classic heavy rock band no band seems to live up to these days.

If you are of teen years, your going to love this like all the rest, but if itÕs going to appeal to us older folk (of 22+) please present something original, and stop screaming your heads off for money Š fun and evidently lucrative though it may be. (E Walton)

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