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Mon, 29 Aug 2005

Trans Slovenia Express

Various, Trans Slovenia Express VOL 2 _
LP, Mute

This is a really interesting assortment of electronic music acts from Slovenia. Marching or dancing forward from the days of Kraftwerk, they have injected elements of their own ancient folk culture and even where they haven't overtly done this there is often an injection of lightness that reminds us of more vocal, less amplified traditions.

Kraftwerk is here too, with repeating electronic figures, as is also a sort of subdued or subtle Trance with slow developments and subtle shifts. Laibach is one name that is known in Western Europe and elsewhere but most of the rest will not have been heard of by the average person... such acts as Silence, the Stroj, Octex, Torul, Bast, and Sequan. They are worth checking out.

(Dr Boots)

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