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Fri, 01 Apr 2005

Twisted Disco

various, Twisted Disco
2 CD's,

"A twisted journey into the darker side of house" is what it
says on the cover. Twisted might also mean more creative or more
interesting even, and such is the case here with interesting
breaks and textures .. but of course this is still disco, so
there won't be much in the way of 5/8 time or whatever.

There are 24 tracks on 2 CD's from the likes of Terranova, Eric
Kupper presents, Lamb, Penny Foster, Deep Dish, Kush, Tall Paul,
and many more.

It's an up collection of dance tunes with a little social

If you're in London on 23 April you can catch a Hed Kandi
Party, The Back to Love Party at Pacha 10pm - 6AM
tickets at
(Dr Boots)

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