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Mon, 30 May 2005

Ukrainian Music

Various Ukrainian Artists
"The Spirit Does Not Die; The Spirit Does Not Extinguish"
(Dukh Ne Vmyraye; Dukh Ne Zhasa)

The album launched at the National University of the Kyiv Mohyla Academy, Ukraine ( ) is dedicated to the victory of the Ukrainian people during the recent Orange Revolution. While the rest of the world watched by television news, thousands of Ukrainians assembled in Independence Square in Kiev. Brave new generation of Ukrainians barricaded government buildings and the presidential palace and changed the history of their country. These courageous Ukrainian patriots sent a powerful message to their government and to the world. They rejected political corruption, election fraud, shadow economy, the black market, and organized crime. The multitudes of people who took to the streets and camped along the Kreschtschatik Mile did not work for personal glory or gratitude. They worked for justice, democracy, and closer ties to the EU. They worked for their future and the future of their children. The collection of songs recalls these thrilling days and includes songs from the Orange Revolution and other patriotic songs. Although some songs on CD give a feeling of friendship and enthusiasm, the powerful resolution and courage of those forming the barricades is missing.

The performers featured: Oleh Skrypna, Serhiy Fomenko ("Mandry"), Serhiy Solonyi, kobzars Taras Sylenko and his young son Sviatoslav, Hryndzholy (Greenjolly), Taras Komanichenko, and Eduard Drach. Listening to the artists and their songs one may expect folk, pop, guitar pop and metal!


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