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Following the reelection of U.S. president George Bush
in 2004, lots of disappointed American voters apolo-
gized to the world with a website called Sorry Everybody.
The site featured digital pictures of voters--mostly
Democrats, presumably--holding up hand-drawn signs
expressing regret for the results of the closely contested
election. Most read, "Sorry, I tried," or "49 percent of
us didn't vote for him." One entry to the website was
this clever iPod-inspired apology, or iPology. Note the
track number, 1 of 55,949,487, which is the number of
U.S. voters, and check out the number of minutes the
song has played and those remaining, which translates
to four down, four to go.
iPod fm 95.9
An fm transmitter is a popular iPod
accessory that allows an iPod to play
songs through a car radio. Most are
powerful enough to play not just in
the owner's car, but also in the vehicles
around it. Several people have been
broadcasting their own microradio
stations from their cars -- some even
without knowing it. One of these, Brian
Johnson, told the BoingBoing website:
"I've been running around for the past
several months with this bumper sticker
on my car, ... I figure that anyone that
can read the bumper sticker -- on the
i-5, at a stoplight -- if intrigued could
tune in and listen to whatever I'm lis-
tening to. No, I don't take requests."