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NBC and ABC television both edited out partial nudity from their programs
ER and NYPD Blue and all networks started using delays in all their live events.
MTV announced it was pulling "racy" artists from daytime playlists, including
Britney Spears ' "Toxic" (featuring the singer in a shear body suit), Blink 182's "I
Miss You" (featuring two women kissing), Maroon 5 's "This Thing," Ludacris '
"Splash Waterfalls," and the Ying Yang Twins ' "Saltshaker." MTV also added
Incubus ' "Megalomaniac " to the list of provocative videos, though it contained no
sexual content or innuendo at all.
Incubus guitarist Mike Einziger said of the
daytime ban, "It's ironic that this MTV scrutiny comes from an incident where
someone bared their chest in public, while for the first time, our singer has his
shirt on for an entire video."
In one of its oddest editing decisions, MTV decided to request the removal of
the word "pants" from Avril Lavigne's "Don't Tell Me," but left in the word
"We always take into account what the cultural environment is on an ongoing
basis," said an MTV spokeswoman. "Given the particular sensitivity in the culture
right now, we're erring on the side of caution for the immediate future."
within weeks of the initial controversy subsiding, at least six of the videos had
made their way back into daytime rotation.
The NFL, hoping to avoid further controversy for its halftime shows, cancelled
a scheduled Pro Bowl performance by Timberlake's former `NSYNC band mate
JC Chasez , fearing it would be too sexually explicit. Chasez had planned to
perform his single "Some Girls (Dance With Women)" at the NFL Pro Bowl the
week following the Super Bowl . Initially, the football league asked Chasez to
perform his song "Blowin' Me Up (With Her Love) " instead, additionally asking
that he agree to substitute the words "horny" and "naughty" in the lyrics.
"Under the circumstances, I understood their jitters, so I decided to accommo-
date their concern," Chasez told MTV News. "I really wanted to try to help these
guys out even though it is a huge compromise for me, as an artist, to go back and
alter my work like that."
After Chasez agreed to the NFL's proposed changes, the league changed its
mind, informing Chasez that he could perform the national anthem before the
game, but could not perform at all during the halftime show. According to an NFL
spokeswoman, Chasez's planned performance was just "too over the top."
"While I agree the mishap at the Super Bowl was a huge mistake, the NFL's
shallow effort to portray my music as sexually indecent brings to mind another
era when innocent artists were smeared with a broad brush by insecure but power-
ful people," Chasez said in a press statement. "That's not the America I love.