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New on M station … December ‘09, January ‘10

December, January features

Music – Tearist are a duo from L.A. who have confused a few people
on the genre front – art punk? exquisite dark wave? disco/noise? Who cares?
Certainly not them …
Interview and podcast

Art – Fashion Julia and Ben are two relatively new faces on the
fashion scene in Berlin and their combination of edginess and detail originality has
already won them a lot of new friends. Images and text

Music – Worldtronics09 was a combination of low-key music-making
and friendly trade fair. The idea was to have various performers from different countries
including people presenting East-Asian Electropop.

Images and text

Wetware – Christmas We update our Free Stuff page which we put up last Christmas
and which covers everything from games to books, and other things in between.

Hardware/Software We have what’s close to being our last word on the Nokia 770
internet tablet. Another software upgrade and a promising looking one to come.

Music Podcasts – A track from Tearist – Lo V, Hi V Podcasts

More Music – Monthly Video Picks
This month’s vid pick is … a Christmas carol!

Music – Classical Baron K has a chat about Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, a child prodigy who went on to huge popularity in England and to become the founder of the
Leipzig Conservatory. Commentary

Books – My New Mac, Semantic Web, Computation, Watchmen, White Stripes, Command Line … Reviews

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