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Facebook has decided to mess with everyone’s privacy settings.  Again.
Under the guise of making it easier for users, they’re actually making more of your personal information

A brief aside: remember the Porn Name email circular game – the one
where you combine your first pets name with your mothers maiden name?

Who did you share that with?  Oops.  These are often the backup
questions that you get asked when you forget your login or password for
some websites.  (Hopefully not your bank account…)

Whether you use Facebook a lot, or a little, you should now review your
privacy settings (top bar, Settings > Privacy Settings).

1. “Applications and websites”

- In “What your friends can share about you” disable as much as you can.

- In “What you share”, click through the tiny link at the bottom to see
what info you’re sharing with all those little fun apps you’ve been
playing with.  Hopefully you haven’t played the Porn Name game & handed
off your personal info to some random phisher.

2. “Profile information” & “Contact Information”

- All of these should be set to “Only friends”, or if you have friends
lists set up, the specific list you’ve chosen.

Forward as required.


(fwd from Jojo)

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