Copenhagen Climate Change Notes

It’s something but it’s not much…
…’The three-page accord that Mr. Obama negotiated with the leaders of China, India, Brazil and South Africa and then presented to the conference did not meet even the modest expectations that leaders set for this meeting, notably by failing to set a 2010 goal for reaching a binding international treaty to seal the provisions of the accord.

Nor does the plan firmly commit the industrialized nations or the developing nations to firm targets for midterm or long-term greenhouse gas emissions reductions. The accord is nonetheless significant in that it codifies the commitments of individual nations to act on their own to tackle global warming.’

…”The governments which moved so swiftly to save the banks
have bickered and filibustered while the biosphere burns.”

…The continuing policy of the denialists of using bad or discredited science continues to work. Is there no limit to some people’s stupidity?

…The somewhat right wing (for Denmark) government has not earned many kudos for the ways it has acted on questions of protest, both inside and outside the meetings.

…There have been many reports that the Danish police (who have an enviably good reputation normally) have over-reacted, using unnecessary violence against peaceful protesters.

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