Coachella 2010 dates

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival will be on between April 16-18. No news on who’s playing yet. There’s a ticket layaway plan that starts today.

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Science Museum: Bay Area Nightspot

The hottest new Bay Area night spot? A science museum

Most office parties feature a bar, maybe some light jazz, some nuts to snack on and a few streamers for
background ambience. But lately a growing number of Silicon Valley companies are holding their parties
backed by a 40-foot Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton, a coral reef teeming with 4,000 Philippine day-glo fish and
a domed planetarium showing how super novae explode. Last year, the new $488 million California Academy of
Sciences building [] made a big splash as a public museum when it
opened in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. But in a trend that has surprised even its own planners, it
also has emerged as one of the hottest night spots in the Bay Area.


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Scale 8x: Linux Expo LA


For more information, contact:
Orv Beach ? 877-831-2569 x120 / orv @
Larry Cafiero ? 831-335-7303 / larry @


LOS ANGELES ? Want to turn your older laptop into a digital Ferrari? Need to get a better idea how the GPL
works? How about taking a closer look at the latest on Moblin? A variety of presenters on these and other
topics ? along with exhibitors and sponsors ? wasted little time signing up for the Southern California
Linux Expo (ScaLE 8x), the first-of-the-year Linux exhibition taking place from Feb. 19-21, 2010, at the
Los Angeles Airport Westin.

Several prominent Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) experts have already had their presentations for
SCALE 8X accepted, including:

– Aaron Seigo, ?The Magic and Wonder of KDE4;?

– Bradley Kuhn, ?Demystifying GPL Enforcement: Using the Law To Uphold Copyleft;?

– Ronald Minnich, ?Ten million and One Penguins;?

– Akkana Peck, ?Featherweight Linux: How to turn a netbook or older laptop into a Ferrari;?

– Pete Kronowitt, ?The latest on Moblin;?

– Jeff Maier, ?Tips and Techniques for Improving Embedded Linux Startup Time;?

– Tarus Balog, ?So, You Think You Want to Start an Open Source Business?

SCALE?s annual Open Source Software in Education (OSSIE) and Women In Open Source (WIOS) tracks will be
held on Friday, Feb. 19, and papers are also This year OSSIE?s focus is on Open Source in classrooms today.
WIOS continues last year?s work in encouraging women of all ages to participate in the FOSS community.
Both of these annual events join the SCALE University training program, presented by the League of
Professional System Administrators (LOPSA). Classes at SCALE U give attendees a more intense and personal
learning experience than a seminar.

Exhibitors which have signed up so far include, CAcert, Coreboot, Debian, Drupal, Electronic
Frontier Foundation, Fedora, FreeBSD, GNOME, GNUStep, Haiku, Hewlett-Packard, Inkscape, KDE, Linux
Astronomy, NetBSD, No Starch Press, One Laptop Per Child, OpenBSD, OpenNMS, OpenSUSE, PostgreSQL, QuinnCo
Inc., Splunk, Tek Systems, Ubuntu, Xen and Zenoss.

Registration is also now open to attendees.
Relevant Web pages:


Call for Papers: []


Women In Open Source:

Open Source in Education: []

SCALE University: []

SCALE Sponsors: []

SCALE Exhibitors: []

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Age of Conan: unlimited free trial

‘Play Age of Conan For FREE ? Forever!
Unlimited Free Trial of the first 20 levels in Age of Conan now available

Durham, USA December 14th, 2009 Funcom is delighted to announce a unique holiday offer for its massively
multiplayer online game ‘Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures’. Anyone who downloads, registers, and starts
playing the trial before January 1st 2010 will be able to enjoy all of level one to twenty ? the entire
Island of Tortage experience ? without ever having to upgrade to a full account or pay a subscription fee.
This unique Unlimited Free Trial campaign is only available until January 1st as a special holiday offer to
anyone who wishes to experience the sexy and savage world of Conan. []
(PR people)

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Santa Exists! Proof at Pete’s Candy Store (NY)

Yes, Virginia
For those of us still wrestling with the discovery that
Santa doesn’t exist, and all of the subsequent
disillusions about life that soon followed, there may still
be hope. Tonight, Pete’s Candy Store
in Williamsburg will host “Beyond Belief: A Philosophical
Proof of Santa Claus.” the interactive lecture, presented
by Open City Dialogue “will attempt to restore the idea of
Santa Claus to those who have suffered its loss. Using
historical fact, ontological argument, and inductive
reasoning, we will prove the existence of Santa Claus in a
passion play for the non-believer.” Scrooges be damned.

(NY Times)

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Another Pop moment: London’s MiniViva vid

With lots of purty colors …

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Facebook Settings


Facebook has decided to mess with everyone’s privacy settings.  Again.
Under the guise of making it easier for users, they’re actually making more of your personal information

A brief aside: remember the Porn Name email circular game – the one
where you combine your first pets name with your mothers maiden name?

Who did you share that with?  Oops.  These are often the backup
questions that you get asked when you forget your login or password for
some websites.  (Hopefully not your bank account…)

Whether you use Facebook a lot, or a little, you should now review your
privacy settings (top bar, Settings > Privacy Settings).

1. “Applications and websites”

- In “What your friends can share about you” disable as much as you can.

- In “What you share”, click through the tiny link at the bottom to see
what info you’re sharing with all those little fun apps you’ve been
playing with.  Hopefully you haven’t played the Porn Name game & handed
off your personal info to some random phisher.

2. “Profile information” & “Contact Information”

- All of these should be set to “Only friends”, or if you have friends
lists set up, the specific list you’ve chosen.

Forward as required.


(fwd from Jojo)

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EMI in trouble again

EMI is seeking outside investors to help with its UK2.6bn of debt. Its unpopular head, Guy Hands, who has managed to lose Radiohead and the Rolling Stones from the label and hasn’t managed any notable new signings, will be staying on.

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A Water Carbonator for Linux Folk

Penguin Water Carbonator. A happy cook is a hydrated one, who doesn’t have to run down four flights of stairs all the time to recycle bottles. That’s where the Penguin Water Carbonator comes in. Sure, it’s kind of hokey — shaped like a penguin — but it’s also kind of cute and convenient, and it reduces waste. Place regular water in one of the two reusable glass carafes, set it into the 18-inch Penguin, press the carbonator beak down, and voila, seltzer water. $199.95 at []
(NY Times)

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Air France A380 Panoramas

Ah yes, the A380 would be the new big airliner with loads of people on board and loads of space for different sorts of setups…

In these views you can zoom in and out and pan from side to side.

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