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Amon Tobin - Supermodified
Ninja Tune ZEN CD 48
Amon Tobin first came to Mstation's attention through his website - which is probably one of the coolest sites around. Designed by Hi-Res with graphics by Openmind, it features interactive Flash pages and a sequencer... somewhere in there! Needless to say it has won several web design awards. The site was designed to promote the album "Supermodified", which is a pretty highly energized piece of "trip funk" (as someone has recently described it...) - somewhere between trip hop and the drum'n'bass of NinjaTune renown. Very dark and bassy with lots of live drums and some rather beautiful ethnic flute samples amongst funky guitar, it packs quite a punch. "Four Ton Mantis" is also worth checking out on the E.P. release, which features a stunning remix by Simon "Bonobo" Green - an artist who is also getting a lot of airplay on the Mstation H.Q. stereo at the moment... There are some quieter, quasi-Debussyian moments in "Deo" and the beautiful "Marine Machines" which features a cor anglais line somewhere amidst lush orchestral and brass textures... Inspired? Check it out... if you're already a Ninja Tune fan I'd say you won't be disappointed :) (Emma "E.P." Peel)


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