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Antipop Consortium, Arrhythmia album, Warp Records

First an intro ... 'Over the last few years New Yorkers Anti Pop
Consortium have dropped their trademark intricate raps and innovative
beats in a variety of different places. Formed in 1997, Anti-Pop
Consortium rose from New YorkÔs rap and poetry scene. Beans, High Priest
and M Sayyid, who were leading lights in the scene, have constantly been
at the vanguard of hip hop. Earl Blaze, Anti Pop ConsortiumÔs silent
partner, whose production skills have been used by Foxy Brown, KRS1 and
Pharoah Monch, shares this history. Blaze's artistry reveals itself
through the construction of Anti PopÔs beats. Anti-Pop's music is filled
with a passionate creativity reminiscent of hip hops early years.'

Here we have interesting words, a variety of voice treatments (including
singing and processing), and varied backgrounds that backup the idea
that the words here are worth at least one echo. (Dr Boots)
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