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All Tomorrow's Parties 1.0
No, not the William Gibson novel - its a London club of the same name... "Bars till Dawn, film screenings, five-a-side football, swimming pools, crazy golf, go-karting and beautiful beaches 2 mins from site" yeah right... in Farringdon Road??? (City of London).

I guess that's the festival they're talking about ...

Still, its pretty cool stuff - tracks by Boards of Canada, Autechre and the wonderfully trippy Broadcast amongst others. My fave track so far would have to be Calexico's "Piker Sam" - violins, vibraphone and very laid-back beats, mmm :). And boy can these guys mix... there's some rather stunning experimental cut'n'paste scratchy moments happening here and I suspect someone has a well loved copy of Steinberg's GRM Tools... at times it verges on the acousmatic(!) Just out this week, ATP 1.0 came highly recommended by Monk from Essential Music, Greenwich - check out his weekly list of new releases here. (ed: coming soon!) (Emma "E.P." Peel)

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