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Beachwood Sparks, Once we were trees LP, Rough Trade These guys were recently in London playing a few gigs and are now back in LA. The music is the sort of thing that gets people smiling and dancing around in wacky ways. The combination of slide guitar and something that probably isn't a rickenbacher but sounds a little like it (jangly - think Byrds .. sorta) conjures up visions of Marin County dudes between tokes. There's more to it than that though. Some of the textures remind me a little of the Cowboy Junkies. The lyrics aren't banal at all and there are a selection of moods rather than just, well, one. There are some very nice tunes as well. Ah, a banjo just went past - how do you tell if the stage is sloping to the right? The banjo player is dribbling out of the right side of his mouth. Left? even? Yup, you guessed. Sorry, actually that series of jokes names just about every instrument player - it just starts with banjo players. So, where were we? At first, people might think that this is all just a novelty from a place where the norm can be confusing and novelties frightening, and maybe also an anachronism - you know, people doing things just to be commercially pleasing in front of crowds that might be deeply suspect in that way. I guess it doesn't matter why people like things but this set is more than that anyway. (thunderfinger)

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