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Bellrays, Meet the Bellrays album, Poptones/Telstar One of the reasons that guitar based rock/pop won't go away any time soon is that getting up and playing it has an immediate physical joy to it (leaving out the time you spent learning how, but then you pictured yourself as someone else, most likely). Another reason is that people still like to listen to it. In this new (in the worldwide commercial sense anyway) lot are the Bellrays from Riverside, California. One label stuck on them is 'soul punk' but it's only punk in that there's attitude and big guitar. There's lots of soul from the female vocalist though. The whole thing is kind of like a sk8ter influenced update of Janis Joplin from Big Brother and the Holding Company days. So, picture fast, chunky riffing, humbucker guitars through a wall of amps, and lots of pacey wailing vocals. In London, England on May 4 02 they're playing with the Hives at Brixton Academy. That should be something else. (thunderfinger)

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