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Beth Orton, Daybreaker album, Heavenly It's been a wait for this one. It was due out last year but various things including a record company change have put it back to ... next week (July 28). So what's it like? For one thing it is way more focussed stylistically than the first two. And maybe it's just me but the yearning of the first two seems to have subsided as well ... maturity? Neither of those things is good or bad in my book but they are the sorts of things that some might have levelled as criticisms - and sure, the collection of styles in the older ones was something that people could throw at the Annie Hall image. That's been gone for a while though. Anyway, this is more polished, emotionally and stylistically, and maybe more suited for a bigger audience. Some elements from the past are still there - there are some trippy beats, and some good synth sounds and there are some guitar tracks and nice electric guitar on some other tracks as well (my promo copy has no credits on it) and there's Beth's voice - that softness and distinctive intonation is as easy on the ears as it ever was. (thunderfinger)

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