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Depeche Mode: I Feel Loved 
(Danny Tenaglia Mixes) (Mute Records) Single
After two years of relentless over-hyping as the 'best DJ in the world' (copyright Muzik, Mix Mag et al) Danny Tenaglia's glitter has recently started to tarnish, though whether any DJ could live up to the hype permanently is open to question. Wearing his remix/producer hat, though, he's still certainly capable of delivering floor filling house tracks, including all three versions of the new Depeche Mode single he's done here. Wisely removing most of Dave Gahan's vocals, he delivers three accessible and fairly tuneful house mixes that dispense with the usual darkness associated with both parties. And sitting comfortably alongside the recent house sounds of X Press 2 and Satoshi Tomiee, it's almost certainly already a Space (Ibiza) anthem. With the instrumental version coming in at 16 minutes long, it'll also prove popular with DJ nipping off to the bar (or bathroom). (Downloadable MP3s including Tenaglia mixes) Jonty Adderley
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