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Vincent Gallo, When

Vincent Gallo's "when" is an unusual release from Warp, who are usually
known for fairly high-energy electronica. Gallo is an actor, writer,
director, musician and photographer (what can the man not do?!), and
composer of strangely beautiful jazz-inspired tracks, mostly quite
minimal in their construction, fashioned from loops and samples of a
small jazz ensemble - a few guitar chords, a single note from a
saxophone looping endlessly... Gallo's music is hypnotic and soothing,
very much late night stuff. Some of the vocal moments recall the jazzier
moments of Alison Goldfrapp, but with a much more pared-down approach
than her lush scores, often quite lo-fi. "When" is not without its lush
moments though, and track 3, "My Beautiful White Dog" is particularly
outstanding... the more unusual moments of tracks 1 ("I wrote this song
for the girl Paris Hilton") and 7 ("Cracks") also convey in particular
the originality of Gallo's sound, with instruments that are not always
played in an orthodox manner, but roughly struck, plucked or
indistinguishably bowed, then sampled and the attacks cut off and
looped. The experimentation is very much in the details of production
though, and the overall sound is never too far removed from its jazz
roots. If anything my only comment would be that his sound is
occasionally rather samey in its melancholy, and suited more to
background, post-club ambient listening, maybe with a spliff in hand...?

DJ Emma Peel
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