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Vincent Gallo, Recordings of Music for Film album, warp warp cd96p

Vincent Gallo is one of those guys who does everything. He makes movies, and he makes the music for them. This CD was written and produced by him... but not all at once. The tracks go as far back as 1979 and span movie releases in 81, 83, and 88. So why release them now? Probably because people will buy this sort of thing now and it's doubtful many would have back then.

The general style is sparse and haunting. Remember when Paris, Texas came out and guitar playing fools, who were used to filling every sonic millimetre, couldn't understand the sound track at all. It's the same as some people looking at abstract art for the first time and saying dismissively 'oh, I could have done that'. And the responce is 'but you didn't'.

That responce suggests that skill might not be an issue, just who's first, but that's not so. It's just not mentioned! Here, Gallo shows a very fine touch in his choice of sounds and melodic phrasing. (thunderfinger)

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