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Goldfrapp, Utopia 
Genetically Enriched  Single
CDMute 264 and LCDMute 264 

Yes, they're both called Genetically Enriched and they both have fluffy rabbits 
on the cover but they are different. The one with the big head on the cover 
has Utopia, a live version of Human from Felt Mountain and a cover of Kipner and 
Shaddick's Let's Get Physical (Olivia Newton John might leap to mind here.) called 
UK Girls and is a pretty cool version - think Sex not Aerobics (thanks EP). 

The other CD has three remixes of Utopia done by Jori Hulkkonen, Tom Middleton and 
Tim Wright. Jori's is prime dance and Middleton's is more trippy ... The last one 
cleverly mixes the vocals into a repeating groove which might or might not drive 
you nuts after a few minutes. 

If you like Goldfrapp, you'll want both of these. 
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