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"Euro-centric Chicago House veteran (NME) Felix Da Housecat certainly hasn't had an easy ride in the last two years, despite producing one of the best albums of 1999, 'I Know Electrikboy'. Critically adored by the thousand or so journalists who received the advance copies, the record was nevertheless pulled from release schedules at the last minute, never to see a UK release (though it did come out in Germany, and promptly sold bucketloads.). Kittenz and the Glitz is as good as Elektrikboy, though this time comes out on an indie label (rather than Pete Tong's Major label fiefdom FFRR) so should definitely hit the shops (on July 16th). Featuring guest contributions from Dust Traxx 's Tomiie Sunshine, Junior Sanchez, DJ Hell protege Ms Kitten and Melistar, the album combines 80s style chants and beats, with Felix's trademark melancholic house underlying the whole album. Instantly accessible, the record works as well in its entirety as its singles do; no small achievement, given the sheer exuberant quality of forthcoming release 'Silver Screen (Shower Scene'). Felix Da Housecatt has long been one of dance culture's most talented though unappreciated auteurs. His time, more than anybody else's, must surely be now. www.cityrockers.net Jonty Adderley

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