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Madonna, GHV2 Greatest Hits Vol 2
Maverick/Warner Bros

I never was a Madonna fan but I used to pretend to be one to shock
people occasionally and try and point out that some of her tunes were
actually cool. And the production is almost always scrumptious. Here
we have a collection of 15 tracks with an array of producers (Pettibone,
Hall, Austin, Orbit, Mirwais, Babyface, Leonard and Stent). Madonna gets
a 'co' on all of them as well. I think I like William Orbit's touch best
but all of them are very smooth. The tunes? Well, I don't find this lot very
exciting but I'm not sure if that's because non of these has been part of
the soundtrack of my own life whereas some of the earlier ones were.
That's not to say that some of them aren't very pretty. They are.
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