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Moby, 18 album, V2 in Nth America, Mute in the rest

A lot of journalists loathe Moby. I'm not sure why. Sure, he's inconsistent and says stupid things from time to time but expecting perfection is just a little bit juvenile (mea culpa, Nicola). The licensing of the music for ads? As Moby tells it, he didn't expect Play to do anything and so any money was good money.

One thing I liked about him was his willingness to talk to some of the most obscure magazines on earth. He was getting publicity for sure but the very small mags were getting a big boost from this as well.

18? I like it a lot. It's not ground breaking in any particular way but then neither are audiences. Texturally, there are some pretty interesting moments but generally you don't have to try too hard to get into it. There are tunes, and some quite anthemic ones at that. I have a weakness for anthemic tunes (early and middle U2 anyone?) so that's alright.

Like Play, there is a grab bag of styles and influences here - gospel, hip hop, r&b, soul (OK, that's almost one strand) but the treatments are not to enshrine and he pokes and pushes at them and molds them to his own shapes. The production is very nice too. (thunderfinger)

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